Louis provides psychological care to children, individuals and families.  Focusing on personal attention, Louis aims to engage with his clients to address their needs collaboratively.  Together, discussing difficulties becomes less challenging in an emphatic, confidential and safe environment.    Louis' background stems from working with children, young people and their families, and he believes that the parents of children and teenagers can gain as much from therapeutic intervention as the young person they support .  Therefore, whenever practicable, Louis works with the parent to provide guidance and support and to enhance relationships and reduce discomfort.  Louis initially started working in South Africa after completing a Masters of Counselling Psychology degree from the University of Pretoria.  This Master's degree was completed on the back of a four year BPsych degree, and included practical training and a clinic based internship.  It's a long process of qualification that ensures clients that their therapist has worked with commitment and passion to achieve the qualification to provide services to the public.  Prior to completing the Master's degree mentioned above, Louis worked for 6 months at the Child and Adolescent Assessment Clinic of the University of Pretoria to fulfill his BPsych study obligation. Louis progressed to working in private practice, and arrived in Adelaide, South Australia, during 2009.  Louis worked in a practice focused on working with children and young people who experienced trauma, neglect or abuse from 2010 to 2016, a role that stood him in good stead when working with his clients, many of whom benefits greatly from therapeutic support to support recovery and growth.      Louis is fully registered with AHPRA (www.ahpra.gov.au), the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority. Louis also hold endorsement in Counselling Psychology with the Psychology Board of Australia.